Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict WILL stand as Biden and Waters' comments 'NOT significant enough' for appeal, expert says

PRESIDENT Joe Biden and Rep. Maxine Waters’ comments ahead of Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict were “not significant enough” to overturn the result," an expert has claimed.  

Former Deputy Independent Counsel Sol Wisenberg told The Faulkner Focus on Fox on Wednesday that while the statements were inappropriate, “this isn't necessarily going to result in a reversal.”

It comes as Biden and Waters are criticized for commenting on the trial and their hopes for a guilty verdict before the jury had reached a decision. 

Rep Waters traveled to Minnesota over the weekend ahead of closing statements.

She addressed protesters who had gathered there to demonstrate in the event of the ex-cop being found not guilty of George Floyd’s death. 

Waters called on protesters to “get more confrontational” if Chauvin walked free. 

Biden also commented on the trial but after the jury had been sequestered for deliberations. 

He told reporters that he was "praying that verdict is the right verdict.” 

Some experts claim that the Democratic lawmakers' statements would result in Chauvin’s conviction being overturned in appeal. 

"[Chauvin’s] conviction now has a real chance of having the result overturned because public officials, who know better, have recklessly undermined the integrity of the trial,” former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy wrote in the New York Post. 

Wisenberg argued on Wednesday, however, that the statements would not be enough to see Chauvin become a free man. 

"It could be fodder or material on appeal if you can argue that this affected the jury," Wisenberg told host Harris Faulkner. 

"First of all, you would have to be able to show that they were aware of it and would have to have some evidence that it affected their deliberations.”

Widenberg still insisted that the comments should not have been made. 

"President Biden, who, while his comments were nowhere near as inappropriate as Congresswoman Waters, shouldn't have been made either,” he said. 

“But no, this will not be, I believe, overturned for either of these reasons.”

He called Waters comments in particular “reprehensible” but added that he is “not surprised” by the congresswoman’s actions “given her history.” 

Chauvin was found guilty on Tuesday on two counts of murder and a manslaughter charge. 

His bail was revoked and he remains in custody until his sentencing in June. 

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