Detective Stephen Broderick 'sent wife email with pics of her performing sex acts' after she filed for divorce

THE FORMER sheriff's detective suspected of a triple murder on Sunday allegedly sent an email with naked photos of his wife after she filed for divorce.

Stephen Nicholas Broderick was accused of sending pictures that also showed his estranged wife Amanda engaged in sexual acts as he accused her of a "cash grab" over his sexual assault charges.

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The 41-year-old was arrested in Austin on Monday morning in connection with the shooting death of Amanda, his daughter Alyssa, and her boyfriend Willie Simmons.

He allegedly carried out the deadly triple shooting months after Amanda had taken out a restraining order against him when he was arrested on the child sexual assault charges.

She had also filed for divorce after his arrest.

Amanda allegedly feared that he would cause harm to her and her children after he was released on bail.

Broderick was arrested last June and imprisoned for 16 days.

He was charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl reported to be a member of his family.

On his release on June 22, 2020, Broderick was fitted with a GPS tracking device and ordered not to go within 200ft of the child.

He was also reportedly hit with no-contact and distancing stipulations to keep him away from the family.

Yet just a month after his release, Travis County prosecutors alleged that he had violated the terms of the emergency protective order in the child sexual assault case.

The Austin-American Statesman reports that Broderick had allegedly emailed the woman involved in the case and accused her of a "cash grab."

Prosecutors alleged that he also attached images of her undressed and engaged in sexual acts in the email.

The woman involved in the case was identified by the New York Post as Broderick's estranged wife.

At the time, State District Judge Karen Sage agreed to raise Broderick's bond to $75,000.

Yet she later sided with Broderick's legal team when they petitioned to have the GPS tracking device removed.

The judge has since said that it was standard practice as over 142 days, Broderick had not broken the distancing terms set out on his release

According to the Daily Beast, Broderick also spent time in misogynistic message boards online and posted comments about not getting married or having children.

The Daily Beast linked the suspect to usernames “slammedcavi” and “slammedcavi254,” which spent time on the r/seduction subreddit and showed an interested in anti-feminist figure Coach Greg Adams.

A t-shirt reading “The Future Is Still Male" is among the products sold by Adams on an Etsy shop the usernames visited.

The Daily Beast reports that one of the usernames they linked to Broderickcommented “get divorced, get f****d by the court” when asked for the male equivalent to the phrase "happy wife, happy life."

“Don’t forget to pull out,” the username wrote in answer to the question “a simple tip that could save someone’s life.”

The username also praised comments such as “She got a hole, ain’t she? A heartbeat?” when describing a woman’s attractiveness.

And applauded comments recommending intense and continuous eye contact to pick up women.

The names of the three victims of Sunday's shooting emerged as a man hunt was underway for Broderick and the public was warned that he could be "dangerous."

It has since emerged that his family had tried to keep him away after his release and had told authorities that they feared him.

"I'm afraid he will try to hurt me or [the] children, because these allegations have come out and he may lose his career," his wife said while filing for a protective order, according to court documents.

"Stephen has prior military experience and is SWAT trained. If he wanted to hurt someone, he would know how."

His daughter Alyssa also said that she felt unsafe, the Post reports.

“I felt safe after my dad had been arrested and he was in jail, but now that he’s out I don’t feel safe,” she wrote.

“I’m afraid that to him, a protective order will be just a piece of paper. I’m worried that he’ll come after my family and try to take my brother. I’m afraid that he might hurt me or my mom for coming forward,” the teen added.

Broderick was taken into custody without incident on Monday morning after cops received a 911 call that he was walking down a nearby highway.

He was carrying a firearm despite the terms of his bail banning him from owning one.

Another child linked to the case has been taken into police custody and is safe.

Broderick has not been charged.

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