Diana’s friend shares sweet never-before-seen photo on anniversary of her death

Beloved by people of all ages, Princess Diana was an inspiration to many.

However on August 31 1997 it was revealed that she hadn’t survived a horrific car accident in Paris.

The effects were felt around the world and news channels all reported the events well into the morning and weeks afterwards.

Her private life has been the subject of speculation for years, with the good, the bad and the downright ugly all being dragged into the light.

But on the 21st anniversary of her passing, one of her closest friends has shared a beautiful tribute to Diana, highlighting how she should be remembered.

Business woman and charity campaigner Rosa Monckton has shared a never-before-seen photo of the princess on Twitter with a lovely message.

The image shows Diana in casual attire, laughing and looking completely at ease.

Accompanying the picture is a caption which reads: "Diana as I remember her. Not enough is written about her sense of fun and zest for life. Friend and wonderful godmother to Domenica. RIP."

Rosa, full name Rosamond Mary Monckton, and Diana were incredibly good friends, with her being one of the last people to see the royal alive.

Less than two weeks before the accident, Diana and Rose had been holidaying together, sailing around Greece.

The pair were first introduced to one another by a mutual friend in 1991 and Rosa later asked Diana to be godmother to her daughter Domenica Lawson who has Down’s Syndrome.

Rosa helped to set up a Brighton-based charity named Team Domenica, which helps those who have learning disabilities find working training and placements.

As well as Domenica, Rosa has a second daughter named Savannah with her husband Dominic.

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Sadly the couple lost a third child named Natalia who was stillborn in the early nineties.

Princess Diana offered to have the baby buried in the grounds of Kensington Palace.

In an interview at the time, a friend of Diana said: "She offered her garden out of the blue. The idea was completely hers. She said it was such a lovely and peaceful spot and she would give them a key so they could come and go whenever they wished to visit the grave.

"They were very grateful. It was a wonderful gesture made at a time when their spirits were at their lowest."

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