Disgraceful moment cop runs his bike over injured Seattle protester’s HEAD as another officer shoves activist

SHOCKING video shows the moment a police officer rolled a bike over an injured protester's head during a demonstration in Seattle.

The video, posted to Twitter, was taken on Wednesday night as protests erupted across the US after a Kentucky grand jury decided not to charge officers in the death of Breonna Taylor.

"The police at the #seattleprotests just ran over an injured man's head with their bikes. @SeattlePD is this how you train your officers?" Twitter user Martin Banks wrote when he shared the video.

The graphic video shows a group of cops riding bikes coming up upon a group of protesters as a man lays in the street.

The officer who wheeled over the man's head was briskly walking the bike.

After rolling over the man's head, several of the officers swiftly dismount their bikes and seem to form some sort of wall in front of protesters.

Protests in Seattle began peacefully on Wednesday evening, according to the Seattle Times, with heartbroken supporters expressing their frustration about the Taylor verdict and police not being held accountable for the 26-year-old black woman's death.

However, violence began to break out later in the evening.

Another video posted to Twitter shows an officer violently shoving a protester who had his back turned to the ground.

The Times reported that around 10.30pm, people were assembled outside of the police department's East Precinct on Capital Hill chantingwhen someone threw a firework into the building.

Shortly after that, a group of officers – some riding bikes – came into the area and began pepper spraying the crowd, sending protesters running.

The Seattle Police Department took to Twitter to say that pepper spray had been deployed after protesters cut security cameras at the East Precinct.

Around midnight, the department announced that dispersal orders had been given "due to property damage, a large fire in the intersection as well as assaults on officers."

A total of 13 people were arrested during the night's unrest, the department said.

The department also said the video that shows the man's head being run over will be referred to the Office of Police Accountability, according to the Times.

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