DOE honcho gets moved after boneheaded busing decisions

The Department of Education has reassigned a top administrator in the latest personnel shakeup stemming from a string of student transportation disasters to start the new year, The Post has learned.

CEO of school operations Elizabeth Rose has been removed from her post and will now serve as senior contracts adviser for transportation, sources told The Post Saturday.

The change follows the sacking of schools CEO Eric Goldstein Friday by Chancellor Richard Carranza in an attempt to quell mounting fury over late and no show buses, as well as shoddy driver certification.

Sources told The Post in April that Rose repeatedly reversed firings and reduced suspensions for drivers and attendants found guilty of misconduct.

Critics alleged the DOE’s culture prioritized the preservation of driver jobs over the safety of the kids they are responsible for transporting.

The DOE said Rose will continue to draw the same salary of $195,000.

Earlier this week, an investigator with the Office of Pupil Transportation, retired NYPD Det. Eric Reynolds, accused administrators of pushing through dubious driver applications — and fraudulently using his electronic signature to do so.

Reynolds said the DOE’s personnel shakeups will mean little unless fundamental practices are reformed.

“There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors right now,” he told The Post Saturday. “The board of education is great at making it look like they are solving a problem. They will tell you stuff that sounds great that in reality is totally meaningless.”

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