Dog desperately tries to get owner to stop video gaming by barking

Play with ME! Dog desperately tries to get its owner to stop video gaming by barking and pawing the controller away – even trying to jump into his lap

  • Chelsea the dog can’t stand American owner playing video games
  • She growls and paws at Xbox game controller to distract him and get attention
  • Finally he asks the dog if she wants a walk and she yelps with excitement

This is the hilarious moment a dog pesters and growls her video-gaming owner for attention until he finally gives in.

Sometimes man’s best friend can’t get enough of their human owners, and this adorable clip of Chelsea the dog shows how far our furry friends will go to spend quality time with us.

In the video, the excitable pup tries to grab a video game controller away from her relaxing owner much to his amusement.   

The man, believed to be called Joe, is seen playing a solo racing game on an Xbox console in his bedroom, a normal past-time for many young guys.

But seconds into his chilled out gaming time, his furry friend decides that she should be the centre of attention, or at least that the game should be multi-player.

Starting with a ‘woo woo’ growl the dog, thought to be a short-haired golden retriever, is intent to draw her owner’s eyes away from the TV screen.

Paw little me: Chelsea the dog taps her owner in the hope he’ll stop playing video games and give her his undivided attention

The dog tries to get into owner Joe’s lap, but he won’t take his eyes off of the television screen and tries desperately to keep playing the game

Chelsea tries a different approach by jumping up in front of Joe and pawing at his chest, but he just moves his Xbox controller to the side of keeps on gaming

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Entertained by her pleas, owner Joe replies ‘woo, woo?’. Chelsea doesn’t seem to find his comment funny and pounces on him before the footage cuts to another attempt by the dog.

The dog tries several methods to attract her owner’s gaze, by sitting patiently with her paw against his arm, tapping on his shoulder, and standing in front of the television.

The funny footage is compiled over several gaming sessions, as dog owner Joe can seen wearing different tops throughout.

Gamer Joe filmed himself and his dog as he plays a racing video game in his bedroom

Play with ME: Chelsea has clearly had enough and paws at her to stop playing. The short haired pup doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer

Single player: Joe keeps a hold of his remote as Chelsea walks into his lap unhappy at being ignored by her owner

As Chelsea tires of asking she pushed her head onto Joe’s shoulder in the hope a quickly snuggle might grab his attention

 Finally, Joe turns to Chelsea and asks if she would like a walk, to which she barks enthusiastically

However at one point he regrets wearing a short-sleeved shirt when Chelsea jumps up and grabs him her her paw.

After several attempts the dog seems to become less hopeful of ever pulling her owner away, holding on with just one paw.

Feeling guilty, Joe finally turns to the dog ‘do you want to go for a walk?’.

Instantly all is forgiven and Chelsea barks enthusiastically at the thought of time with her owner.

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