Dog dubbed ‘Paw-varotti’ sings every time owner plays piano and it’s adorable

A talented dog has gone viral thanks to his amazing "singing" voice as his owner practised the piano at home.

Marty, a four-year-old golden retriever, loves to accompany the piano with his howls of joy and is able to adjust the tunes to different keys.

In a video posted on his Instagram marty.and.murphy, the pooch stays by his owner's side under the grand piano and lies sedately with his eyes closed.

As the music carries on, Marty lifts his head up and lets out a soulful howl, performing a perfect sing-a-long with his owner at their home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The canine artist holds his breath and keeps the note in tune for several seconds.

Marty's performance has won over viewers' hearts after it was shared with the caption: “PAW-varotti Marty. Marty, singing his favourite classical music. This fella can hit different key changes.”

One commented: "This is just so amazingly special, adorable, and awesome! Bravo, buddy, bravo!"

Another added: "My gosh he sings so well and has such a good ear."

His owner explained that Marty has been singing since he was eight weeks old.

"He loves the depth of the tones that are more soulful – he will hear notes usually with sharps and flats and singalong," she wrote.

"Hard to get him to sing to a plain C major. He is the perfect accompaniment and doesn't mind mistakes."

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