Dog greets golden retriever best friend just like a cat – and it’s adorable

An adorable video of a German shepherd and a golden retriever greeting each other in the park has warmed the hearts of TikTok users.

Cleo the German shepherd has known her furry friend since they were both puppies.

When they see each other in the park they start a game of cat and mouse that makes Cleo look rather feline.

She slowly creeps forward and drops back into a crouch at regular intervals, appearing to fool the goldie who seems none the wiser.

Eventually, after Cleo has crept as close as she can, her furry friend finally spots her and the two sprint towards each other in excitement.

The video, which comes from TikTok user @notoriouscleo, has become a viral sensation, with more 14 million views and almost three million likes.

Viewers were very amused by the bizarre greeting, with one user commenting: “I love when dogs become invisible to other dogs when they crouch down.”

Another equally excited commenter wrote: “That German Shepherd is stalking him like a cat, omg how cute.”

A third added: “I think that’s a cat in German Shepherd disguise.”

This clip follows one of a much more morose Golden Retriever who was pestered by an attention-seeking Doberman.

The cute clip first surfaced on TikTok and has since done the rounds all over social media.

In the clip, posted by @sarahsalughters from the US, the golden retriever looks as content as can be as it chills outstretched on the ground.

But then some unwanted company in the form of a Doberman pup comes along and begins to pace around in the other dogs' personal space.

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The pup steps over the larger dog a few times before plonking itself down in the little spoon position.

To this point unmoved, the larger dog reacts, staring at the other dog in disbelief.

The final straw comes as the Doberman fully stretches out, launching its head back into the other dog's personal space, wrecking his comfort.

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