Dog sits in the back seat like a human as SUV cruises highway

How you doin’? Chilled-out dog sits in the back of an SUV with one paw on the window sill and enjoys the wind rushing through its fur

  • Dog adopts a human posture as it cruises down Interstate 93 in Massachusetts
  • Animal extends its paws and enjoys wind in its fur at it sits in back seat of SUV 
  • Footage captured by Caitlyn Tremblay who was traveling with her boyfriend

This is the hilarious moment a dog mimicked a human passenger as it sat in the back of an SUV with one paw resting on the open window sill and the wind rushing through its fur.

Caitlyn Tremblay was traveling along Interstate 93 in Massachusetts with her boyfriend Quincy when she saw the Bernese mountain dog poking its head out of the car window on September 28. 

The dog extended its paws out of the window and appeared to be enjoying the wind in its fur as it sat in a human-like pose.    

The Bernese mountain dog sits in the backseat of an SUV mimicking a human passenger as its owner drives along Interstate 93 in Massachusetts

The canine pokes its head out of the car window and enjoys the wind in its fur on September 28

Ms Tremblay told Storyful: ‘At first the dog had both paws extended straight out the window but I wasn’t able to capture that on video.

‘But when they came closer to us and when I started filming is when they changed positions to look like they were sitting like a person.’

She added: ‘I don’t know who the owner/driver was but I hope they see this video so they know their dog is so loved.’

In similar comical scenes an Australian dog named Jax was spotted riding shotgun in a tradesman’s van wearing sunglasses and hanging his paw out the window in Adelaide.

A viral TikTok video posted by user brittty.b in July showed Jax resting his front paws on the passenger side window and giving the camera across from him a stare-down.

The viral TikTok shows Australian dog Jax (pictured) hanging out the side of his owner’s ride in Adelaide

My partner and his work mate spotted this very serious doggo today  that look of judgment #adelaide #australia #foryou #fyp

Last year a passerby did a double-take when he spotted a guard dog sitting in the front of a security patrol car with two more huge hounds in the back on Portobello Road, Notting Hill, west London. 

Footage showed the car marked with ‘dog section’ stopped at traffic lights with three canines inside. 

Andrew Threlfall, 46, said the three German Shepherd-style dogs seemed almost human as they took a ride in the vehicle while looking out of the open windows.

Mr Threlfall said: ‘As the dogs were traveling past the pub everyone turned to look as it looked from the pavement as if the dogs were driving the car.

‘It wasn’t until I got up to see it we could see a human was driving. It was uniquely crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it.’

The three canines sit in a car marked with ‘dog section’ as it is stops at traffic lights in Notting Hill, west London


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