Drug submarine carrying three tonnes of cocaine captured off coast of Spain

A drug submarine carrying 3,000kg of cocaine was intercepted by police off the coast of Spain.

The vessel appeared in waters off the northwestern region of Galicia on Sunday, a source with the central government's delegation to the region told Reuters.

Spanish media report that the submarine was from Colombia and police are trying to work out whether it sailed all the way from South America with the drugs.

Narco-subs have been used to smuggle drugs from Latin America into the US.

The source said: "Early this morning an international operation was able to locate a small submarine of around 20 meters near the beach of Hio in the province of Pontevedra."

News agency EFE reported that the vessel was carrying some 3,000 kilograms of cocaine, citing sources from Spain's Guardia Civil.

Two South American men were detained as part of the operation, in which the Guardia Civil and National Police participated, while a third man escaped, the source said.

The submarine is  20 metres long with Galician Minister Javier Losada stating that this “method of drug trafficking is very inventive for the transportation of drugs in the Galician coast.”

Authorities will attempt to refloat the vessel on Monday morning after attempts on Sunday proved unsuccessful.

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