Drugged driver REVERSES along busy Spanish city streets

The wrong gear: Drugged driver REVERSES along busy Spanish city streets for almost three minutes

  • Worried motorists dialled 999 as the driver reversed down busy streets in Galicia
  • Man obeyed traffic signals but drove backwards and went through roundabouts
  • The driver tested positive for drugs after he was stopped by police on Saturday 

A drugged driver was arrested after driving backwards through a Spanish city for nearly three minutes.

The man tested positive for drugs after he was stopped by police following 999 calls from other motorists.

He was filmed reversing for around a mile and a half along main roads in the Galician city of Vigo after moving off as a red traffic light turned green near the market.

He jumped a red light in his grey Opel Astra near the stadium of Spanish La Liga football side Celta de Vigo moments before police stopped him.

The astonishing incident happened on Saturday afternoon.

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Footage of his reverse drive showed him waiting at lights with his hazard lights on before he started moving with other cars driving the right way round and negotiating a roundabout before taking an exit leading onto a main road.

He stopped at the first red light and appeared to slow down for a pedestrian on one of the three zebra crossings he went by – and seemed to keep up with motorists driving correctly.

A drugged driver reverses a grey Opel Astra down a busy main road in the Galician city of Vigo in Spain

But he veered into the other lane at one point as he reversed along the two-lane Fragoso Street leading to Celta de Vigo’s ground.

A woman following him in the car could be heard shouting in Spanish to a shocked pedestrian: ‘It’s okay, we’ve called the police’ as she filmed the drugged driver in action and told the man with her: ‘I can’t believe what I’m seeing.’

He tested positive for drugs after he was stopped and was expected to appear in court today.

The reckless driver reversing his car for nearly three minutes through the city streets

The out-of-control driver reversing the vehicle around a corner. He was arrested after other motorists dialled 999

Local police have not released any details about the driver, although he is thought to be Spanish.

Bizarrely one local commenting on the footage on social media criticized the people who filmed him, saying: ‘He doesn’t veer between lanes at any moment in time. I don’t know why you grassed him up to the police as if he was a killer.’

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