Drunk man arrested for hurling biscuit at ex-girlfriend: cops

A Tennessee man decided he found better use for a biscuit when he decided to lunge it at his former girlfriend.

Jeffrey Tomerlin, 45, was arrested Monday after he allegedly threw a biscuit “really hard” at his ex-girlfriend’s face, WKRN reported. Tomerlin flew into a rage Sunday night when he spotted his former fling with her new boyfriend in a car in South Nashville.

He reportedly charged at the vehicle and began punching the hood of the car and telling the couple he would kill them. He also yelled racial slurs, according to the report.

Police arrived at the scene where Tomerlin continued to bang his head while sitting inside the police cruiser. He was taken to the hospital before being booked into jail on charges including public intoxication, vandalism and assault.

He is being held on $3,100 bond.

It’s unclear the extent of the unidentified woman’s injuries.

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