Dutch kickboxers brutally beat waiters in savage Prague attack

Dutch kickboxers brutally beat waiters who ask them not to drink their own booze at restaurant in Prague in vicious attack caught on CCTV

  • The group of kickboxers attacked the waiters at a restaurant in Prague 
  • Waiters had told the men they could not drink their own alcohol at the table
  • CCTV footage shows the tourists reacting violently to the waiters’ requests 
  • Police arrested the kickboxers who now all face a maximum of 10 years in jail 

This is the shocking moment Dutch kickboxers on a holiday in Prague beat up some restaurant waiters knocking one of them out cold.

The incident took place in the Czech capital city of Prague.

The group of young Dutch kickboxers visited restaurant Polpo where they snatched an already reserved table on the terrace.

This is the shocking moment a group of Dutch kickboxers attacked some waiters in Prague 

The kickboxers wanted to be able to drink their own alcohol while sitting in the restaurant

The group were later arrested in a restaurant near Prague airport and face 10 years in prison

Restaurant owner Stefan Savic said: ‘One of our employees went to them to ask if they could take another table and told them that they could not drink their own booze there.

‘The men reacted very aggressively to it. In the more than 20 years this restaurant exists, we never seen something like this.’

According to witnesses, the Dutch thugs even spat on a 70-year-old customer who said something about their behaviour.

They angrily claimed the restaurant staff were being racist by sending them away.

Savic said: ‘They beat one of our waiters, after which another employee pushed them away. Then it completely went out of control.’

Shocking video footage shows the group violently attacking several waiters.

A man in a yellow shirt is seen giving several punches to a waiter who is already down on the ground while a man in a white shirt kicks the waiter.

When the unfortunate waiter tries to get up, the muscled man in the yellow t-shirt kicks him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Several people then manage to push the group of Dutch tourist away, after which passersby rush to the aid of the injured waiter.

The waiter was taken to hospital with serious injuries but is reportedly out of danger.

His shifts have been taken over by his colleagues who said they will donate their earnings to him.

Savic said: ‘He has a broken eye socket and a broken jaw and was unconscious for a very long time.

‘Someone who lays on the ground is not dangerous. You don’t just keep on kicking him.’

The group of men were recognised at a restaurant in Prague International Airport by an observant traveller who had read about the attack in local media and the group were promptly arrested. 

According to Czech police, they are all aged between 24 and 32 years old.

Dutch media reported that all members of the group are amateur kickboxers and gym rats.

Two members of the group have since been released as they tried to stop their friends from beating up the waiters.

The others are still being held in investigative custody in Prague.

According to Czech media, they face up to 10 years in jail if found guilty of the brutal assault.

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