EDC chief once warned not to trust data from comptroller

He called it more than three years ago.

James Patchett, president of the city’s Economic Development Corp., warned in a Jan. 29, 2015, email not to trust data released by Comptroller Scott Stringer’s office.

“In my experience, things the Comptrollers office says are wrong 100% of the time,” Patchett wrote Jon Fromowitz, then a senior strategist for political consulting giant AKPD.

Fromowitz, who was hired as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s chief speechwriter a year later, then sent back a screen shot of the cartoon-character comptroller featured in “The Simpsons.”

Earlier correspondence contained a link to an April 2014 report by Stringer saying that median apartment rents rose by 75 percent since 2000, while low-income households spent 41 percent of their income on rent.

Fromowitz, who now works for the consulting firm SKD Knickerbocker, had said he believed data provided by the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development was “more reliable/accurate” than Stringer’s.

Stringer on Tuesday issued a report saying the city lost more than 1 million apartments between 2005 and 2017 renting for $900 or less. A day later, he issued a correction, saying someone in his office made a math mistake and the drop-off was actually 425,492.

Stringer said his office also goofed on the number of apartments where the rents increased to more than $2,700 during that period.

He had reported 237,535. The correct figure was a bit over 110,000.

The emails, released Thursday, were part of the latest batch of communications between the mayor, his staff and key outside advisers that City Hall released in response to a lawsuit filed by The Post and NY1.

Ilana Maier, a spokeswoman for the comptroller, responded:

“The Comptroller’s office has issued more than 400 reports, identifying over $700 million in savings to taxpayers. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Patchett finds it so hard to be held accountable, and instead of engaging like a grown up, would rather send childish emails filled with cartoons and uninformed opinions.”

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