EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Lady Davina Windsor’s 14-year marriage ends

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Lady Davina Windsor’s 14-year marriage to Maori sheep shearer husband ends due to ‘cultural differences’

  • Lady Davina, the daughter of the Queen’s cousin, is 30th in line to the throne
  • She wed Gary Lewis 14 years ago in an example of a diverse royal marriage
  • But now the couple have divorced amicably due to their cultural differences 

When Lady Davina Windsor wed Gary Lewis, the Maori son of a champion sheep-shearer, their marriage was seen as an example of how commoners from the most diverse backgrounds could be welcomed into the Royal Family.

Sadly, I can reveal that their marriage has now hit the rocks after 14 years, with friends citing ‘cultural differences’ as one of the causes.

‘It’s very sad, but their differences were just too great in the end,’ one of their friends tells me.

Gary and Lady Davina’s marraige has hit the rocks after 14 years

Lady Davina, 41, who is known as Denny, is a daughter of the Queen’s first cousin, the Duke of Gloucester, and is 30th in line to the throne.

She met handsome Lewis, 48, a sheep shearer and carpenter known as ‘Gazza’ to pals, while they were on holiday in Bali in 2000.

A great-granddaughter of George V, Lady Davina tied the knot with Lewis four years later in the private chapel at Kensington Palace, making Gary the first person of Maori descent to marry into the Royal Family.

Lady Davina gave birth to a daughter, Senna Kowhai, who is now aged eight, and a son, Tane Mahuta, six. He was named after the giant Tane Mahuta kauri tree in the Waipoua Forest, in New Zealand.

Gary also has a 26-year-old son from a previous relationship.

The couple, who attended the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, lived for a time in an unremarkable working-class suburb of Auckland. One neighbour was astonished to learn that royalty had been living next door. 

‘I was surprised because I would describe that place as poxy,’ he said. An estate agent commented: ‘I rented one place to them, but they asked me to find somewhere a bit cheaper.’ They later moved back to Britain.

The couple have a daughter, Senna Kowhai, who is now aged eight, and a son, Tane Mahuta, six

Lady Davina grew up in an apartment in Kensington Palace and a country pile in Northamptonshire and went to boarding school at £35,000-per-year St George’s Ascot.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman confirms that the couple’s marriage is over. ‘Lady Davina Lewis and Gary Lewis were divorced last year,’ a spokesman tells me. A royal source insists the divorce has been ‘amicable’ and that both remain ‘actively involved in the upbringing of their children’.

It is at least the 11th divorce among the 22 great-grandchildren of George V.

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