Eid 2019: What do you eat to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the festival of Eid al Fitr?

The holiest month in the Islamic calendar – Ramadan – has come to an end and many Muslims around the world are preparing to celebrate Eid al Fitr. Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayer and repentance and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Eid, however, is a festival of indulgence, with plenty of food shared with friends and family as well as gifted to those less fortunate.

Here are some foods which are eaten to celebrate Eid al Fitr.

Kahk or sugar cookies

Sugar cookies known as kahk are often baked and can include designs on the top.

These cookies have fillings of either pistachios, walnuts or dates and are dusted with icing sugar.


Cambaabur is a Somali Eid bread similar to injera in texture but has different spices added to it.

During Eid, it is traditionally eaten as a sweet as it is covered in sprinkled sugar and topped with yoghurt.

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Sheer khurma

Sheer Khurma translates to “milk with dates,” but is also known as semai in Bangladesh.

A sweet vermicelli dessert sheer khurma is an Eid favourite in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

The dessert is prepared with vermicelli, milk, sugar, dates and, depending on the country, pistachios, almonds, and/or raisins.


There aren’t just sweet treats to be had during Eid, big, grand, meat dishes are also prepared in several countries on Eid.

Tajine is one such meal and is often served in North African countries such as Morocco and Algeria.

The dish is a slow-cooked stew, prepared with some sort of meat – commonly lamb or beef – with vegetables and/or fruits like plums and apricots.

Doro wat

Another savoury dish is doro wat, a hearty Ethiopian stew or curry prepared with chicken.

This is typically eaten with the classic sourdough-tasting bread, injera.

The dish typically served on a communal basis which allows everyone to dig in and enjoy both the food and time with friends and family.

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Lokum is known in English as “Turkish delight,” and is a favourite for holidays like Eid in Turkey.

The dessert has a gel-like consistency and is a combination of starch, sugar, and other fillings such as dates, pistachios, and walnuts.

This dessert can be made in lots of different colours and is one of the prettiest Eid sweets.

Lapis legit

Typically seen in Indonesia, this dessert is an Indonesian take on traditional Dutch layer cakes.

Lapis legit are made like a typical cake with flour, butter, and eggs, but also contains Indonesian spices like cardamom and clove.

This dish takes a lot of effort to prepare the cake and is traditionally seen as a delicacy reserved for special occasions.

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