Eight in 10 Americans reevaluating their health priorities due to the coronavirus pandemic – The Sun

EIGHT in 10 Americans are reevaluating their health priorities due to the coronavirus crisis that has left millions infected, new research shows.

Sixty-two percent of the 2,000 people surveyed admit they did not take their health seriously enough before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seven in 10 say they are using self-isolation as an opportunity to hit the reset button and improve their health.

The survey found 59 percent of respondents said the main thing they are focused on improving during self-isolation is eating healthier.

The research was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of cellular health product Tru Niagen.

"Now more than ever we are conscious of our health,” said Rob Fried, CEO of ChromaDex, the makers of Tru Niagen.

“When choosing health-related products, please choose trusted brands with proven safe, clinically verified products.”

Seven in 10 people admit they have struggled to stay positive and motivated while they are stuck at home – so it’s no surprise that 41 percent are using this time to focus on improving their mental health.

Nearly half of those surveyed say they have been spending time in the kitchen to boost their moods and stay busy.

Others are staying busy by watching TV, redecorating their homes and taking time to meditate.


Respondents say they have been able to squeeze in three-and-a-half hours of exercise each week and have been taking at least two walks a day to stay active.

Nearly half of the respondents say they have made daily walks a family activity.

More than three-quarters of those surveyed said they are focusing on how to improve their immune system more than ever before to better protect themselves from the virus.

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