Escort conned ‘sugar daddy’, 68, out of £2.5m after he fell in love with her

An escort has been jailed after she conned a loaded "sugar daddy" out of £2.5million after he fell head over heels for her.

Louise Caplan, 34, started dating retired Deloitte executive Henry Sless, 68, after he booked her through an online escort agency.

Caplan asked her love-struck client whether he would be her sugar daddy in exchange for £150,000-a-year, but the former businessman managed to hammer down the fee to £10,000 a month in late 2017.

The cunning escort brought herself a £1 million house with Mr Sless' money which she was able to secure after pretending that she was investing in businesses in Dubai and Dublin, Aylesbury Crown Court heard.

She also bought artwork worth £300,000.

Mr Sless, who was aged 65 years at the time, splashed more than £1 million on presents and then handed Caplan over another £2.5 million – which he believed would be spent on investments.

Jon Swaine, defence counsel for Caplan, explained to the court: "It was a sad situation of two people who had fantasies. Each had their own fantasy.

"Hers was that she wanted to be a successful businesswoman and his came at a time when he was unhappy in his personal life.

"He made decisions that were disastrous and astonishing for a man with his expertise. The decisions he made were not made using his head, that is for sure."

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Judge Francis Sheridan heard how the pair met on a website called Adult Works in November 2017 after Mr Sless accepted to pay her £400 for sex.

The court heard that Caplan defrauded him out of at least £2.5 million.

Prosecutor Stefan Weidmann commented: "Mr Sless said in a statement 'it felt like we clicked immediately and within a few days of our first meeting Ms Caplan sent a message saying she would have married me if I would have been 10 years younger and she was 10 years older.

"'We met five or so times in the first year and we were in contact on a daily basis. I instantly fell for her.'"

The court heard how Caplan later began to request money from the besotted businessman – often during explicit text messages. The judge was left shocked that the veteran accountant didn't think to demand any paperwork but prosecutor Stefan Weidmann explained that Mr Sless believed the pair were in a long-term relationship.

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Weidmann admitted that Mr Sless was a man of "staggering naivety", despite his vast experience.

Her defence team said that she had tried to use the money to pursue her dream of becoming a successful interior designer, and it was only when the bills began to catch up with her that she turned to fraud, which she had earlier admitted to one count of.

He said: "She intended to use this money in a business but she was hopelessly out of her depth. She hired expensive accountants who advised her that she had no hope of success."

Judge Sheridan sentenced her to five and a quarter years in prison and said: "I am in no position to tell the truth of how many times he took advantage of your sexual services.

"It was at least six times but I am strongly suspicious about that given the extremely large figures in this fraud.

"This had all the hallmarks of a business arrangement and if it was business, it was certainly not done properly."

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