Extinction Rebellion thugs are endangering democracy and must be met with the full force of the law

I HAVE been warning you for over two years that the extremist Marxists of the Extinction Rebellion intend to demolish capitalism, impose veganism on the entire population and take us back to Victorian times.

At the weekend the mask finally publicly slipped: The smelly wannabe hippies who run XR want to censor what you read as well.

However, the group’s clearly criminal blockade of the printing presses of newspapers including The Sun, the Daily Mail, the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Times was a spectacular own goal because the public have now realised what these thugs are REALLY about.

It’s certainly not having a rational and measured conversation about the importance of climate change which is something my newspaper has been doing with our millions of readers for years.

In fact, Saturday’s edition of The Sun, which many loyal readers were unable to buy, featured an interview with Sir David Attenborough under the headline: Humanity is at a crossroads but we can do lots to help.

Within it, the 94-year-old offered common sense and passionate advice about how we can all help the environment by, among other things, reducing personal waste.

But he also provided a sage warning against committing criminal acts that XR would have been sensible to take note of, saying: “I don’t think it is sensible politics to break the law. If you are any good at all, some of your demands will be met – and then you will be demanding people abide by those new laws. You can’t have it both ways.”

He’s completely right, you know and, for the reasons he explained, XR will no longer taken seriously be Brits, even if they have the backing of far left Corbynista MPs like Dawn Butler and Diane Abbot.

Any sane person can see that free speech, legal business enterprises and the media must never be supressed in this way again.

There is nothing legal or peaceful about XR’s so-called protests, which is why the silence from Labour leader Keir Starmer is so disturbing.

The chaos and carnage they cause is the very definition of criminal damage and the police have been pathetically woke in their dealings with these cretins.

That’s why the Home Secretary Priti Patel is right to look to designate XR as a terror threat and say they should be prosecuted under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

But there’s a much bigger irony in this entire debacle: The haters and wreckers of the XR are responsible for far more fake news than any newspaper in the world.

Just last week the organisation was forced to delete two scenes from a Keira Knightley-fronted propaganda movie that falsely claimed climate breakdown is “already killing 400,000 people every year” and that “scientists warn that human extinction is a real possibility”.

Extinction Rebellion want to shut down newspapers because our journalism is based on facts and scientific evidence, not dangerous and unproven rhetoric designed to provoke terror in young people.

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