Facebook unveils video comments and people are LOVING it

Facebook has introduced a new commenting system which allows users to leave short videos beneath posts.

Social media mavens  are already able to use emojis and short gifs in place of boring old words, but now they'll be able to go the whole hog and upload mini films.

The new system was designed at a Facebook "hackathon" held earlier this year, which is an event where the firm's brightest talents work to design brand new features.

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How to post a video comment

The feature was announced by Facebook employee Bob Baldwin, who issued the following explanation:

"Videos in comments are now available worldwide.

"You can upload them as replies to posts by people and pages, as well as within groups and events.

"It’s supported on desktop web, iOS, and Android. To try it out, click the camera icon next to the comment field."

Why did Facebook introduce moving comments?

To answer this, we'll turn back to Bob Baldwin, who said the idea came about as a result of a brainstorming session followed by a bout of intense computer coding.

"At the hackathon, we coded as quickly as we could all day, and by the evening we could feel the pieces starting to come together," he wrote.

"A little past midnight, we had the feature mostly working on both desktop and mobile apps.

"And when we demoed our hack to fellow employees the following week, they absolutely loved it!

"Over the past few months, we continued to refine and stabilize it, as a side project we all were eager to ship."

Should I use the new feature?

That's up to you, but we can report that people are very excited about the beefed up video functionality.

In the comments beneath a Facebook post announcing the new feature, users shared images of themselves whooping with joy about the ability to post even more videos of themselves.

One very excited person wrote: "Hype! Congrats to everyone who finished this! Awesome team!"

Another exclaimed: "SO GOOD!!!"

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