Family of man killed in moped crash asked to pay for damage to scooter

A British holidaymaker has died while on holiday in the Philippines after his scooter hit a tree that had nails sticking out of it.

Jack Whitelaw, 20, was with three friends when he crashed on the hired moped and his family is being asked to pay for the damage. He hit a tree with nails sticking out of it at the side of a dark road last Monday. He was killed instantly when he went over the handlebars of the scooter that he had hired from the Lukay Resort hotel.

He had been allowed to sign paperwork to hire the vehicle, even though he did not have a motorbike licence so should never have ridden it. His dad Paul, 57, has now revealed that he and his wife Suzy received a text message asking them to pay for the fees and damage done to the scooter he crashed on.

The message said: ‘I was in contact with [Jack’s friend] Ben and he told us you would be one taking care of the repairs/fees for the scooter. We just wanted to ask news as the bike is still at the police station as of today. Sorry to bother you with that.’

Paul, from Bracknell, Berkshire, replied telling the hire company: ‘Are you kidding me! You murdered my son. You gave him a motorbike without a license and as soon as I have finished getting him home, I’m going to get a Philippines lawyer and sue for what you did to him.’

They then sent him an image showing him the form that Jack had filled in and Paul once again said that he was going to contact lawyers in the country.

He said: ‘My thoughts right now is that anger has turned to rage. The company want me to pay for the motorcycle that he broke. Well my son has paid with his life, so I am fighting for justice for Jack.

‘He had no experience in riding in a pothole ridden island at night during the rainy season in the tropics.

‘They added an “illegal” waiver, saying he’d be responsible in case of an accident. Jack, being a lad, signed it, and lived for a day.’


The hostel insisted they had done nothing illegal adding that they do their best to accommodate customers. They later said they would not ask the family for anything.

Paying tribute to his son Paul added: ‘Jack will forever remain in our memories as the boy who will never grow up, our very own Peter Pan. Free living, generous, kindhearted soul who saw good in everyone, lived each and every day making other people smile.’

Jack’s sister said: ‘There are no words to describe how much my heart hurts and how much I miss you already. You made every single person in every room laugh until their cheeks hurt.

‘You lived life until the absolute fullest and made every moment count. I told you everyday, but you’ll never fully understand how much I really love you. I feel so lucky that I got to be your big sister.

‘You inspired me everyday with your positivity, loyalty and commitment to life. Gosh I loved every minute of being your sister. I love you so so so so so much.’

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