Fed-up local builds 4ft fence outside his home to stop people sitting on his windowsill to eat their fish and chips

A HOMEOWNER has built a four-foot fence to stop people from using his windowsill as a bench while they eat their fish and chips.

Stephen Williams, 45, has grown fed-up of customers of the neighbouring chippy resting on his windowsill in Alnwick, Northumberland while they eat.

He put up a picket fence that extends onto the pavement into the layby to get some privacy.

Mr Williams says people queueing for fish and chips also stare into his living room.

"We've had people eating their chips on our windowsill and looking through the window while we are trying to relax. It's not on," Mr Williams said.

"Most people wouldn't want people using their land as a footpath and neither do we. We just want to protect our property."

Mr Williams ran a sweet shop up until 2019, but closed and converted the building into his home.

One furious chip shop customer said: "He didn't mind people walking on the path when they were coming into his [sweet] shop and lining his pockets. Now all of a sudden he wants privacy. It's unbelievable."

The council is investigating if Mr Williams' fence is legal.

Northumberland County councillor Gordon Castle said: "I've raised this with officers at County Hall to the highest level."

"[Mr Williams] claims to have deeds showing ownership of where his fence now sits."

"I can hardly believe he has gone ahead with this before any resolution with county highways, especially given the impact on pedestrians and children walking to school."

"There are meetings scheduled to find the legal way forward and I'm sorry I can't do more, but I've sent photos and explained to officers that I'm receiving many messages of complaint."

"I can't get it higher or faster at County Hall, but I won't let it go."

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