Florida teen, 19, 'shoots and kills man in Starbucks drive-thru'

Florida teen, 19, ‘shoots and kills man in Starbucks drive-thru’ after being confronted for cutting off victim in the line

  • Wednesday’s incident began when Justin Ray Boersma, 19, allegedly cut off Samuel Joseph Rossetti, 31, in the drive-thru line
  • Rossetti allegedly confronted Boersma, knocking on his window and pulling a door handle off of Boersma’s vehicle
  • Boersma then allegedly retrieved his weapon and fired three shots
  • Boersma told investigators that he felt concerned about his family’s safety
  • Rossetti was transported to a hospital, where he later died from his injuries
  • Boersma has been charged with first-degree murder in Rossetti’s death

Justin Ray Boersma, 19, has been charged with first-degree murder

A confrontation in a Starbucks drive-thru ended with a man being shot dead and a teenager facing a first-degree murder charge.

The teen allegedly cut in front of another driver, which led the driver to pounding on the teen’s window and ripping off a door handle.

When the other driver began returning to their car, however, the teen allegedly proceeded to fire shots, killing the other driver. 

The incident happened at a Starbucks in Lake Worth Beach, Florida around noon on Wednesday afternoon.

Justin Ray Boersma, 19, allegedly cut in front of a truck with his Nissan Versa in the drive-thru line, according to witnesses cited in an arrest report.

After the cut-off, a man, Samuel Joseph Rossetti, 31, got out of his black Chevrolet Silverado and walked up to Boersma’s Versa.

Rossetti allegedly started to bang on the driver’s side window of the car and proceeded to rip the handle off the door before he began to walk back to his own vehicle.

Samuel Joseph Rossetti, 31, was killed in a shooting at a Florida Starbucks on Wednesday

The incident began after Boersma allegedly cut Rossetti off in the drive-thru line

Boersma told detectives later that his girlfriend and infant child were in his car, as well as another friend.

Boersma’s girlfriend was screaming ‘We have a baby in the car’ during the alleged attack, he added. 

Boersma allegedly armed himself with a gun and fired three shots at Rossetti before driving away. He told detectives that he was worried about his family’s safety and believed Rossetti could be retrieving a weapon.  

As he was driving away, witnesses saw Boersma allegedly hit another car with his vehicle. He would later say that he fled so he could call a lawyer before surrendering. 

The arrest report reveals Boersma did not see Rossetti with a weapon, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Deputies and a citizen with medical training administered CPR on Rossetti until help could arrive.

Rossetti then began returning to his car when he was shot three times

Pictured: Investigators probe the scene after Wednesday’s deadly shooting

He was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. 

A neighboring business did record the incident on surveillance cameras, but that footage has not been publicly released. 

Deputies used the license plate seen by witnesses to track Boersma to a house ten blocks away from the shooting.

A video recorded by a surveillance drone showed a man covering the Nissan Versa with a tarp, though it’s not clear if Boersma was that man. 

Afterwards, several people in the home left in a Nissan Sentra, which was halted by a traffic stop conducted by deputies.

The arrest report that a handgun was found in a plastic bag under a child’s car seat during a search.

Deputies were able to track down Boersma and arrest him during a traffic stop

Boersma is currently being held on first-degree murder charges without bond

The man driving the car, who was not Boersma, pleaded ignorance about the handgun, claiming that it did not belong to him.

The gun’s caliber matched the shell casings at the scene of the shooting, however, and was collected as evidence, according to investigators.

Five people in total were in the Sentra, including Boersma, his girlfriend, and the infant. Passengers from Rossetti’s car were then brought to the traffic stop, where records show they identified Boersma as the shooter.

Boersma has also been charged with firing a weapon in public and is being held without bond.

One criminal defense attorney believes Boersma may have a case under Florida’s notorious Stand Your Ground law.

‘I think this is a case that was actually built for Stand Your Ground law,’ Palm Beach County criminal defense attorney Patrick McKamey told CBS 12. ‘It looks like a great case.’

‘The defense can reasonably argue, it’s unreasonable to think that if he’s not in fear for his life or the life of those in the vehicle, why would somebody with an infant in the car go out and start shooting,’ McKamey added. 

Rossetti leaves behind a family, including a foster son.

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