Foreign Office's ceiling collapses into Mark Field's office sparking urgent investigation over safety concerns

The room will be out of bounds for months while safety and conservation officials survey the damage, believed to be caused by serious damp.

It is understood plaster fell on to a desk, writing off a computer.

Last night Mr Field said: “I’m relieved no members of staff were injured.”

Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom said: “I’ve been speaking to the House Authorities about ensuring the immediate safety of all those on the parliamentary estate.

“But these incidents demonstrate just how important the longer-term restoration of the palace really is.”

A huge restoration project is to start in 2025.

Poo alert for MPs

MOUSE droppings have found in a House of Commons cafe, bar and storeroom after a swoop by health inspectors.

A report obtained by The Sun on Sunday says the poo was spotted in Parliament’s Jubilee Cafe during a recent check-up.

The diner, which boasts “irresistible cakes”, is open to visitors.

The report by Westminster City Council officials says a “small number” of droppings were also seen under the counter in the Strangers Bar used by MPs.


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