Fox host Laura Ingraham accuses Andrew Brown Jr's family attorney Bakari Sellers of 'faking his accent'

FOX News’ Laura Ingraham accused Bakari Sellers of faking an accent as she slammed the CNN legal analyst for his involvement in the police shooting Andrew Brown, Jr.

Sellers has been hired as a Brown's family attorney and was in Elizabeth City yesterday to demand the release of the body cam footage showing 42-year-old Brown being shot dead.

Sellers and his colleagues held a press event after meeting with Pasquotank County Attorney Michael Cox to discuss the video viewing of the police killing last week.

Here he accused Cox of being disrespectful to the family and using profanity toward him.

He fumed: "I've never been talked to like I was talked to in there."

But on Monday evening’s Fox News Show, Ingraham blasted the "hot franchise operation" of civil rights lawyers getting involved in high-profile cases of alleged police brutality.

Sporting an accent that — maybe I’ve missed something, but I never heard him use it on TV before

She said: "Bakari Sellers suddenly showed up in North Carolina today to condemn the police in another case.

"And sporting an accent that — maybe I’ve missed something, but I never heard him use it on TV before."

But the host was criticised by many for her remarks.

This included CNN host Jake Tapper, who defended Mr Sellers, tweeted: "Sounded to me exactly like every single time I’ve heard @Bakari_Sellers speak in person and on air for years. No change.

"Including the very first time, we spoke, after I asked Twitter for help finding a lawyer in South Carolina to help a veteran in distress."

And Sellers himself hit back at a press conference today. 

Sellers said: "I know that people said I switched accents.

"But my daddy would always say – never argue with a fool because you don’t know who’s watching, and they can’t tell the difference."

The quote refers to one made by the American writer Mark Twain.

Dad-of-ten Brown was fatally shot during a drug-related warrant executed by the sheriff’s deputies last week.

He was confronted by a Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office deputy attempting to serve him a warrant at around 8.30am on Wednesday.

The deputy fired a gun while Brown was allegedly driving away from his Elizabeth City, North Carolina home.

Witnesses at the time reported hearing six to eight shots ring out when the deputy pulled the fateful trigger.

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