From recliner chairs to sit-on lawn mowers – the new wave of middle-class street flying tipping sweeps UK

Binmen refuse to pick up the unwanted items, leaving dozens of plush residential roads swamped with goods.

Furious locals have taken snaps of their areas, which have been ruined with the unsightly random items.

One local abandoned a regal looking concrete cat house, used by a pet who may have enjoyed the finer things in life, right in front of a Birmingham home.

Another picture shows a tattered funky blue recliner chair which appears well past its used by date.

The fly-tippers apparently believe they are helping their community. A note on a green sit-on lawnmower "FREE.. Spare Repair."

One Solihull resident told Birmingham Mail "the streets of the Midlands resemble a junk yard",  with items strewn across the pavements.

It comes after 700 tonnes of rubbish and a camp was discovered in the basement of a Tesco store.

Staff at the posh South Kensington branch made the shocking discovery, with at least five people living amongst the broken glass.

The superstore is just around the corner from The Queen's Club – where the popular week-long tournament runs every year – and where celebs including Pippa Middleton, David Beckham and Andy Murray play.

And it is a stone’s throw from upper crust Holland Park – where Becks and his wife Victoria live with their children.

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