Gary Lineker says he was called “Goldenballs” a decade before David Beckham

Gary Lineker has revealed he was called “Goldenballs” a decade before David Beckham.

The Match of the Day host said he was given the nickname “Golden B******s” by Paul Gascoigne.

England ace Gary – who and won the 1986 World Cup Golden Boot – ­revealed the moniker came about after he made fun of Gazza.

He said: “Gazza had a few altercations with George Best.

"It started with George Best saying Gazza was not fit to lace his boots, this is going way back when he was playing at Tottenham.

“Gazza responded saying, ‘Ah, that George Best, he’s nothing but an old drunk’.

"Anyway it culminated in George Best appearing on the Jonathan Ross chat show when it was on Channel 4.

"George Best said, ‘The problem with Gascoigne is that the number that he wears on the back of his shirt is really his IQ level’, which wasn’t very nice.

“It was great for us in training the next morning though we were laying into Gazza, saying, ‘You thick Geordie this and you thick Geordie that’.

“And then at the end of training, he came over to me and said, ‘Hey, Golden B******s’ – he always called me that, Beckham wasn’t the first.”

Becks was given the nickname Goldenballs by wife Victoria after he rebuilt his reputation following his sending off against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup.

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