George Floyd protests – Moment cop is senselessly beaten by New York rioters as looters ransack Manhattan stores again – The Sun

A POLICE officer was beaten by protesters on the streets of New York City as anger sparked by the killing of George Floyd grows.

Confronting footage shows several men attacking the NYPD cop as onlookers encouraged the attackers.

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The brutal beating took place in the Bronx on Monday night.

The video, which was shared by the city’s Sergeants Benevolent Association, shows the officer being held down on the sidewalk.

Two men then forcefully toss an unknown object at the officer as he struggles on the ground.

An onlooker – who is filming the attack in the Bronx – is heard repeatedly yelling “f*** 12”, slang used to criticise the police's drug enforcement unit.

After the second man attacks, the man holding down the officer runs away.

The officer, clearly dazed, stands up and immediately draws his gun after the group flees.

From the point of view of the video, he doesn’t appear to point it toward anyone in particular.

The attack took place as police on Monday night struggled to contain growing crowds of looters.

Protesters have defied curfews in major cities throughout the country to protest police brutality and racism after George Floyd died last week after a police officer knelt on his neck for eight minutes.

Monday night was gangs of looters ransacking Manhattan's designer stores.

The imposed New York City curfew has failed to stop people smashing windows and running off with piles of merchandise.

A second video, which was also taken in the Bronx, captured the moment an officer was hit by a car.

The vehicle charged straight into the cop before quickly driving away.

A third officer was also injured during the protests on Madison Avenue, according to footage posted to Twitter by Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas.

The video showed an officer face-down on the sidewalk as another cop appears with a bottle of water.

President Donald Trump has slammed Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio for New York City being what he described as "totally out of control" as thousands across the US defy curfews for George Floyd protests.

On Tuesday night, Trump tweeted that city police officers were "not being allowed to perform their MAGIC but regardless, and with the momentum that the Radical Left and others have been allowed to build, they will need additional help."

He said Cuomo, the governor of New York, and de Blasio, the mayor of the Big Apple, "MUST PUT DOWN RIOTING NOW!"

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