Ghislaine Maxwell played ‘cool older sister’ role to lure unsuspecting young victims to Jeffrey Epstein, victim claims

GHISLAINE Maxwell played a "cool sister" role to lure underage girls to Jeffrey Epstein, an alleged victim of the pair has said.

Maria Farmer, who claims to have been sexually assaulted by Epstein and Maxwell in 1996, was speaking after British socialite Maxwell was denied bail by a New York court.

Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire at the start of July, 11 months after former boyfriend Epstein killed himself while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges.

She is accused of having played a central role in procuring young girls for Epstein to abuse, though denies any wrongdoing.

She currently faces charges of child sex trafficking, enticement of minors, and perjury, and was last week denied bail by a judge at a federal court in Manhattan.

Speaking after the decision, Farmer described how Maxwell would behave like a "cool sister" as part of the process of grooming them for Epstein.

"[Maxwell] made you feel special and safe," she told the Mail.

"[She] would just dote on you — make you’d feel like you’d won the lottery."

Farmer has previously recounted how she first encountered the pair at her graduation show at the New York Academy of Art in 1995.

She had already sold some of her work, but was approached by the school's dean and told that Epstein and Maxwell, important patrons at the time, would instead be buying it and for a reduced price.

She then began working for Epstein, and has alleged that both he and Maxwell sexually assaulted her during a trip to a secluded Ohio estate in the summer of 1996.

Her younger sister, Annie Farmer, has also accused the pair of abusing her during a visit to Epstein's ranch in New Mexico.

Maria described how, between her doting behaviour, Maxwell would also have "psychotic" outbursts that formed part of a "good cop, bad cop" routine between her and Epstein.

"What made her tick was power and control over vulnerable people," Maria claimed.

"She was an emotional terrorist with a sado-masochistic side. She enjoyed harming people and having that power and control." 

"Epstein definitely had a dark side, but Maxwell would turn on a dime into a very malicious, brutal human being ."

Maxwell's trial is now scheduled to begin in July 2021, and she faces a prison sentence of 35 years if convicted.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty and denies all allegations of wrongdoing. 

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