Giant hailstones the size of people’s PALMS batter a Chinese city

Giant hailstones the size of PALMS batter a Chinese city for 20 minutes

  • A heavy hailstorm has caused damage to cars and crops in north-west China
  • Footage showed some massive hailstones measuring four centimetres wide
  • Heavy rain and gusty winds were expected to hit the city in the next six hours

A city in north-west China was heavily hit by a hailstorm today.

Footage released by Chinese media shows a resident holding a massive hailstone as big as her palm. 

Local meteorological bureau has issued amber storm signal and advised residents to stay indoor to avoid getting injured.

Heavy hailstorm hit Shangnan county in north-west China today with palm-sized pellets poured on the streets (left). The hailstones formed a thing layer of ice on the road (right)

Local meteorological bureau recorded a 20-minute-long hailstorm in the town of Shangluo

According to Central China Television, cities in Shangnan county of Shaanxi Province was battered by a 20-minute-long storm this afternoon.

Mobile phone footage taken by local residents captured massive hailstones breaking car windows on the streets.

Many claimed the pellets were of sizes of pigeon eggs and some as big as a person’s palm.

It’s said the hailstorm has also caused damage to buildings and crops. 

Shangluo meteorological bureau warned members of public that they were expected to have heavy rain and gusty winds accompanied with the hailstones in the coming six hours.

They advised the public to stay indoor and set up anti-hail protection in their houses. 

The pellets have caused damage to cars that parked on the street as it hit the windows

Members of public were advised to stay indoor and set up anti-hail prevention at home

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