Gmail introduces SELF-DESTRUCTING emails as Google makes biggest upgrade for years

Named 'confidential mode,' the move means that you can choose how long the recipient will be able to read the email before it disappears.

Sneakily, the recipient also won't be able to forward, download, print or copy and paste the top secret content you've sent them.

For even more security, users will now also have the option to stop the recipient from reading the email until they have entered a passcode sent by text.

Impressively, even if the recipient doesn't have a Gmail account, the email will still self-destruct.

The moves comes alongside a series of other changes, which are all available to try out today, by clicking 'Try the new Gmail' in your settings.

The other biggest change to the service is the sidebar appearing on the right hand side of the inbox.

Here users will be able to use other Google apps like Calendar to schedule meetings without the hassle of clicking back and forth between screens.

It means your Gmail screen will look completely different from how it did at the start of the year.

For users who don't want to be disturbed by certain emails, you will now have the option to 'snooze' them.

Emails that are 'snoozed' will instead reappear in your inbox hours or even days later.


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