Golden retriever owner amazed at seeing dog on roof – with CCTV showing how

A man was startled when his G olden Retriever suddenly appeared behind him on his roof – climbing up the ladder while his back was turned.

In a hilarious video, recorded on January 7, Ace the goldie looks very pleased with himself as he poses on top of the tiles with his tongue lolling out.

CCTV footage from around the side of the house shows how cheeky Ace got up there in the first place.

The curious pooch looks up at the ladder and starts to climb it rung-by-rung while the family’s other golden, Bo, looks at him in surprise.

Even funnier, the shadow of the goldie is visible as he runs on top of the roof and scares his owner – who was in the middle of taking down his Christmas lights.

Ace’s owner, TikTok user @vincematteson, uploaded the hilarious footage three days ago and it has since been liked thousands of times and received lots of amused comments.

One person commented: "The video proof makes this 1,000x funnier.

Another person laughed: "Nooo Ace, honestly impressive. Gotta love him."

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Someone else wrote: "OMG I can never put a ladder next to my house or this will be my dog."

Meanwhile, other people suggested Ace had a hidden talent for working on the roof and joked he should be in charge of the job.

"Ace just trying to help, let him put up some lights," wrote one.

Someone else said: "Should train him to take down the lights so you don’t have to do it next year."

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