Gulf War vet says supermarket 'like warzone' and Covid-denying customers 'lick banknotes'

A GULF war veteran says working in a supermarket during lockdown is like being in “a war zone”. 

Harold, who works at a checkout, claimed Covid-denier customers were even licking banknotes before handing them over to staff.

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The former medic, who served in a field hospital in Saudi Arabia in 1991, told the Daily Mirror that he feared contracting the virus in the store as Covidiots were continuing to flout the rules. 

He said: “The supermarket is like a warzone.

“There's always this fear on checkouts of what the next customer might bring.

“Most people apologise when I mention (about social distancing) and move back when asked.

“But there are those who aren't interested and insist the virus doesn't exist. They say it's all a lie.”

There's always this fear on checkouts of what the next customer might bring

Harold, who did not give his second name, added that some shoppers had been abusive when he asked them to follow basic rules. 

He continued: “I had a customer insist that the two-metre rule is actually a one-metre rule.”

The customer then allegedly swore at him and told him to “check his facts or go home”. 

And Harold claimed that other Covidiot shoppers had even licked their fingers before handing over cash at the checkout. 

It comes as police bosses pledged to crack down on Brits flouting coronavirus rules in supermarkets. 

Met Police leader Cressida Dick yesterday warned that cops will help supermarket staff enforce rules if shoppers become aggressive. 

Under current rules, Brits must wear a face covering in all indoor public spaces – unless they have a medical exemption. 

But the Met Police has said that officers will “move quickly” to issue £200 fines for those unable to produce a valid reason for not wearing a face mask. 

Yesterday, Aldi joined Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury's in banning shoppers who refuse to wear face masks in their stores.

But police chiefs have warned that forces don’t have enough officers “to stand at every supermarket”. 

West Yorkshire Police Federation chairman Brian Booth said: “If there is an ongoing crime, an assault or danger to someone that must be the priority but we just don't have the resources to stand at every supermarket.”

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