Hairdressers to stay shut until April as Boris Johnson gears up to ease lockdown

Hairdressers are set to stay shut until April as Boris Johnson is due to announce a staggered roadmap towards easing lockdown, says a senior source.

With Brits hopeful about the February 22 announcement, some industries "have some time to go" before reopening.

On Monday the Prime Minister is set to announce a five month roadmap towards freedom.

Despite schools returning on March 8 and some restrictions eased, the beauty industry will not be reopening until a few weeks later.

The "close contact issue" means hairdressers will need to wait says the senior source.

Waxing and nail salons could have to wait even longer as "contact is inherent," reports The Sun.

Mr Johnson's announcement will mean all school years go back to classrooms on March 8.

However, teaching unions have criticised the move and called it "reckless" for all kids to return together.

Other rules which are set to relax include more flexibility on meeting others for exercise outdoors, and non-essential shops likely to reopen from next month.

However, all measures are dependent on data rather than dates, the Prime Minister has insisted.

The roadmap out of lockdown will depend on the number of transmissions, hospitalisations and deaths among other factors.

All dates announced will be subject to change if cases rise.

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In April, gyms and the hospitality sector is also likely to reopen, however indoors pub service may have to wait until May.

Precise plans for re-opening the hospitality industry are to remain “fluid” for now, with the Cabinet studying the latest data over the coming days, according to the Sun, before guaranteeing a date that pubs and restaurants can re-open.

The PM is said to be very concerned that the country is losing patience with the endless lockdowns and coronavirus restrictions.

A senior government source said that the decision to allow families to meet from Easter onwards comes “as a recognition of how tough these last few weeks and months have been”.

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