Harry’s ‘odd’ hand gesture shows he’s ‘uncomfortable’ in public, expert claims

Prince Harry displays an “odd” gesture in public that shows he might be uncomfortable on engagements, a body language expert has claimed.

As a working royal, Harry’s responsibilities involved countless face to face engagements with dignatoies and members of the public.

The prince has diversified his portfolio since leaving the Royal Family with his wife Meghan Markle in March 2020, signing lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify.

But after the couple attended New York on a quasi-royal visit in September, public engagements appear likely to be continue to play an important role.

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas has now claimed that since marrying Meghan Markle in 2018, Harry has adopted a gesture that makes him appear nervous in public.

Jesus described how Harry puts his hand across his stomach as if to button up his blazer when meeting people on engagements. This, The Body Language Guy suggested, is a sign that the Duke of Sussex is uncomfortable.

“Harry’s attitude is odd because most gestures that cover our torso are going to be perceived, in one way or another, as defensive,” Jesus explained on a recent YouTube video.

For instance, Jesus noted that crossed arms can be a signal that a person is “not willing to connect”, regardless of their intentions.

He added: “Covering one’s belly is less common and even more defensive, since we are covering an area of our body that’s got our vital organs and there are no ribs to protect them.

“It’s okay to reach out once to button or unbutton your jacket or to fix your tie, but when someone keeps one or two hands there and there’s no obvious reason for it, then you might be looking at a bad habit.”

Having set out his observations, Jesus explored further into what the signals might indicate.

“So in this case it might be that Harry has already told everyone that he doesn’t feel comfortable in public,” he claimed.

“If your hands are constantly projecting your belly it sends a message that you want to protect yourself. You’re telling everyone with your body language that you don’t feel comfortable in their presence.”

Comparing the gesture with earlier footage of previous royal engagements, The Body Language Guy suggested that Harry had, “developed it over time and in very specific situations”.

This comes as the Duke recently gave a speech at the Salute to Freedom Gala in New York, in which he claimed he has been “living the American dream” since departing from royal duties.

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