Healthy Aussie model, 30, reveals her coronavirus nightmare

Wet with sweat, abs contracting and struggling to breathe: Healthy Aussie model, 30, reveals her coronavirus nightmare after contracting disease while skiing in France

  • A 30-year-old Australian model caught COVID-19 while skiing at French resort 
  • Intan Clement said she was fit and healthy and thought she just had a cough 
  • She has been being treated in isolation at a Paris hospital for the last week 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

A fit and healthy Australian model has opened up from her hospital bed about her battle with coronavirus after being infected while skiing in France. 

Intan Clement, 30, first noticed her symptoms about two weeks ago after developing a dry cough and shortness of breath, with doctors at first telling her she just had the flu. 

The French and Australian citizen said her symptoms have included coughing so badly she struggled to breathe, extreme fatigue, and hearing a strange noise in her lungs when she inhaled and exhaled. 

Intan Clement (pictured), 30, has been being treated in a French hospital for the last week after her cough turned out to be coronavirus 

On March 15 Ms Clement and a group of her friends traveled from Paris to the ski resort of Vallorie – a day before French authorities announced a national lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus.  

She said her partner had been ill a few days earlier with a fever and headaches. 

‘I thought it was a simple cold – he hasn’t had any other symptoms since that. I’ve been turning sicker and sicker,’ she told Yahoo News Australia. 

Ms Clement explained she felt tired while on the slopes but assumed it was because she had not skied in years, however, she decided to travel home early. 

She said when she arrived home her cough became worse then, on March 18, her lungs began to make a strange noise when she breathed. 

She rang the French emergency number and paramedics told her to stay at home and do a video conference with a doctor who in turn told her she likely had the flu and to take paracetamol. 

On March 20 she booked an in-person appointment with a GP. 

‘I had almost no energy and any movement like positioning my body – sitting more or less – going to the bathroom would exhaust me and it would make me cough and then I would not be able to breath properly,’ she said. 

Ms Clement (pictured), a dual French and Australian citizen, lived in Australia between 2016 and 2019 

In the waiting room Ms Clement said she could not stop sweating, her abs were contracting, and she was in pain and exhausted from the short walk there. 

The GP immediately transferred her to the emergency department and, she says, has been calling to check on her after being surprised she wasn’t treated more seriously earlier. 

After a day of tests the hospital assigned her a bed and placed her on respiratory oxygen support, intravenous paracetamol, and antibiotics. 

For the last week she has been in isolation in her hospital room with not even her partner of friends being able to visit. 

Australia has 3,050 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Friday morning, with 13 deaths

‘Everyone kept saying before that it was nothing, I was getting better, that it can’t be the COVID-19. I assume because no one wanted to think about that and also wanted to reassure me normally young people don’t die from it or don’t go much to the hospital.’ 

She said she is now feeling less scared and believes she will be allowed visitors as of Friday. 

She offered a blunt warning to her fellow Australians, however, saying the virus was not being being taken seriously enough after seeing posts from her friends still heading to the beach. 

Ms Clement urged people to be aware and follow guidelines, not just for themselves but for everyone’s sake. 

Ms Clement had a stark warning for Australians to take the coronavirus more seriously after seeing pictures of people crowding Bondi beach (pictured) 


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