Heartbreaking moment abandoned dog chases after her owner's car for miles after being dumped in the woods

THIS is the heartbreaking moment a dog is seen chasing after its owner's car for miles after it was alleged she dumped her pet in the woods.

Well wishers have posted heartfelt messages online after this footage showing little Dinka bounding down the busy road in Russia went viral.

The dog risks its life running behind the car, lurching into the middle of the road close to oncoming traffic, and only finally stops from exhaustion.

One driver called Maria posted:  "I’ve seen the people who took their dog close to the wood and abandoned it there.

“Because of bad roads they did not escape quickly enough, and the poor dog ran behind the car for a long time.

“She even begged to be picked up again.

“She jumped in front of the car.

“So they stopped, waiting until she went away and kept going.”

But now suspected owner Dilyara Nosova, 30, has come forward to claim the dog is a previously-abandoned stray, denying she was responsible for it being homeless.

She regularly feeds Dinka and her six puppies, close to her weekend house.

She said: "Dinka lives outside a communal building in the village.

“I feed her and then she often runs after my car as far as a shop called Leroy Merlin, then returns to her puppies."

Now well-wishers who have followed the online story are determined to help the dog that shows such devotion to the only person to show her any kindness.

They are seeking owners for the puppies in Moscow and are raising money to sterilise and vaccinate Dinka, and find her a good home to stop her hair-raising road runs.

“Dinka deserves an owner who appreciates her amazing devotion,” posted one admirer.


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The report comes amid claims that some Russian cities are operating “canine KGB” hit squads to destroy strays ahead of the World Cup.

Ekaterina Dmitrieva, director of the City Animal Protection Foundation, warned last month that Russia would “drown in the blood” of slaughtered stray dogs.

She claimed poisons are being used that will kill cats and birds as well as dogs.

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