Heartstopping moment woman hypnotises deadly tiger shark causing the killer to roll over like a dog

Brave marine biologist Leigh Cobb, 38, was filmed performing the technique known as “tonic immobility” near Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.

Filmed earlier this year, the footage shows Leigh stroking the 16ft female shark’s nose to begin the hypnosis.

She then rolled the huge fish, known as Emma, onto her back while other sharks swim nearby.

The wildlife enthusiast is able to stroke the beast's belly before the predator swims off.

Leigh runs Shark Diver Travel which aims to re-educate people about the misunderstood animals.

She said: “I would dive with sharks as often as I eat if I could. Their bad reputation is simply not true.

“I want to show the world how these animals can interact with us on a different level.”

Photographer and dive master Christian Torres, 41, from Ecuador, captured the footage.

He said: "Diving with these majestic creatures always brings new sensations.

"In the video, my friend and mentor Leigh Cobb, is feeding and rolling the most famous Tiger shark from Tiger Beach, Bahamas named ‘Emma’ who is 16" long.”

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