Heavily pregnant mum and her kids cross the channel to Kent beach with group of refugees using rubber ring

A HEAVILY pregnant mum and her children crossed the channel with a group of migrants using just a small boat and rubber ring today.

Around 16 people, including ten small children, landed on Dungeness beach in Kent around 8.30am today on what could be a record day for migrant arrivals.


The pregnant woman, whose baby is thought to be due in around a month, looked weary as she held onto a child and buried her face in her hand on the beach.

She is believed to have arrived with a group of migrants who were using just one small boat and a rubber ring.

More vessels have been detected off the coast of Kent including an inflatable kayak.

The children who arrived in the UK today all wore coats – and one girl wore a fluffy red onesie.

One of the kids, a boy aged around four, looked exhausted as he laid back on the pebbles with his arms spread out.


Border Force, police and paramedics were at the scene and all of the migrants had their temperatures taken.

Speaking of today's arrivals, amateur photographer Susan Pilcher, who saw them on the beach, said: "I could hear the Border Force workers asking how many months pregnant she was and she said eight.

It must be such a frightening thing to do. It's heartbreaking – you can't imagine what they've been through.

"They didn't speak much English at all.

"When you think that she's doing such a risky crossing over the Channel when she's heavily pregnant, that says how much they've been through.

"It must be such a frightening thing to do. It's heartbreaking – you can't imagine what they've been through."

Border Force officers from across the south coast have been scrambled to numerous incidents of small boats crossing the Channel and making it to the UK in recent days.

Last week, 202 asylum seekers crossed the Channel in just one day – a new record.

The number who have crossed the Channel this year alone is nearly double the 1,892 for the whole of 2019.

It is believed many will attempt to cross today because of the calm sea and good visibility.


It comes after France bungled efforts to stop migrants crossing the channel into the UK, with Calais' MP moaning it is like “trying to empty the sea with a spoon".

Pierre Henri Dumont admitted that boats which were in English waters were sent to Dover, and not taken back to France.

"We are applying the law of sea," he claimed.

But Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts Chris Philp has since said: “We are determined to make this route unviable and therefore give migrants no reason to gather on the northern coast of France.

“France is a safe country with a well-functioning asylum system and there is no need for migrants to leave and attempt to come to the UK illegally.

“We have offered to work with the French on safe returns at sea and we will continue work to return anyone who attempts the crossing."

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