‘He’s our miracle patient’: Man recovers from coronavirus after 64 days

A California “miracle patient” was given an emotional sendoff from the hospital after he spent 64 days battling coronavirus, video shows.

Gregg Garfield was the first coronavirus patient to be admitted to St. Joseph’s Providence Medical Center in Burbank, Calif., after he caught the virus on a ski trip in northern Italy in February, CBS Los Angeles reported.

The virus attacked nearly every vital organ in his body, leaving him on a ventilator for 31 days of his two-month stint, the outlet reported.

“I believe there is a 70 percent or above mortality rate for COVID patients that go on a ventilator,” Dr. Daniel Dea told the outlet. “So for him to survive with a near full recovery is amazing. He’s our miracle patient.”

Garfield walked out of the hospital Friday with help from his girlfriend and sister to raucous applause from hospital staffers.

“These guys in the hospital are unbelievable. This walkthrough of love, it’s just amazing,” he said. “These doctors are the best of the best. I could not have survived anywhere else.”

Amanda Kloots — whose husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero has been fighting coronavirus — also shared a video of Garfield’s sendoff on Instagram, saying that she must have “watched this video maybe 100 times.”

“Each time I get chills and teary-eyed,” she wrote.

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