History is made on 'Price Is Right' as two contestants make incredibly rare move twice

It was a wonderful Wednesday for Price Is Right fans as two different contestants spun $1 on the Big Wheel twice! Landing on a dollar is pretty unique, which is why contestants win $1,000 when it happens. Landing on a dollar twice is extremely rare, which is why they receive an additional $25,000. Having two contestants pull off the feat on the same day, is completely unheard of.

During the regular daytime Price Is Right, contestant Kiara Thomas was on fire. She bid the exact amount on her first toss up prize, so got a bonus $500. During her first trip to the Big Wheel she spun 20 cents and 80 cents, to win the $1,000 prize and a trip to the Showcase Showdown. She also earned a bonus spin, which landed on $1 and gave her an additional $25,000.

Wow someone on the #PriceIsRight just won 25,000$ spinning the big wheel. Don't see that happen very often. pic.twitter.com/2LItmeCTAa

— Cosmic?Black (@limetime632) April 21, 2021

Later that day, during a special The Price Is Right at Night, contestant Jack Zager also had a great trip to the Big Wheel. He spun 40 cents and 60 cents to win the $1,000 bonus, and followed it up with a dollar spin of his own to secure the additional $25,000 prize

Dude hit a dollar twice on the wheel $25,000 #PriceIsRightpic.twitter.com/aJZC7ONv2I

— Con C… (@chris2most) December 17, 2019

While seeing any contestant walk away from the Big Wheel with $25,000 only happens once in a blue moon, seeing it happen twice in the same day stunned fans.

2 people spun $1 TWICE today! Theres no way thats happened b4. #priceisright#historypic.twitter.com/JbdZ22VTLk

— DreamKing (@JusSayin88) April 22, 2021

I’m watching nighttime #PriceIsRight and it’s the second person today two hit 1$ on the wheel! Whether it’s fake or not I’m so happy for them 25,000 is pretty nice ! #corny#gameshow#old


Two contestants have never taken home the $26,000 Big Wheel bonus on the same day. And the fact there were two shows on the same only slightly diminished the historic feat.

Zager and Thomas carried the excitement into their respective Showcase Showdowns as well. Zager unfortunately overbid his showcase by only $32. But considering the show gives you both showcases if you are under and within $250 of the actual price, that should tell you how heartbreaking the bid was.

Kiara won her showcase… #PriceisRightpic.twitter.com/qK558FWBFQ

— BB5akaTHECHAMP (@BB5akaTHECHAMP) April 21, 2021

Thomas on the other hand nailed her bid. Her showcase featured a trip to Miami and a new car. When all was said and done she went home with $54,549 worth of prizes.

The Price Is Right airs weekdays on CBS. For more information, as well as times and tv listings, visit CBS.com.

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