Hockey world commends Kyle Beach for coming forward as John Doe in Blackhawks sex abuse scandal

"Courage" is the word to describe Kyle Beach's decision to speak up.

Beach came forward on Wednesday as a victim in the Chicago Blackhawks' sexual-assault scandal involving the team's former video coach Bradley Aldrich in 2010.

Referred to as John Doe in legal documents, Beach revealed his identity in an interview with TSN's Rick Westhead. Strong, raw and heartbreaking, the 31-year-old former first-round pick shared his trauma and called for systemic change in the NHL.

"I’ve been a survivor, I am a survivor," Beach told Westhead. "And I know I’m not alone. I know I’m not the only one, male or female. And I buried this for 10 years, 11 years. And it’s destroyed me from the inside out. And I want everybody to know in the sports world and in the world that you’re not alone. That if these things happen to you, you need to speak up. Because there are support systems."

His bravery yielded support and praise from all corners of the hockey community.

Kyle Beach we stand with you.

— Tara Slone (@TaraSlone) October 27, 2021

This is absolutely heartbreaking. Unbelievable bravery from Kyle Beach. Please listen to every single word he says.
Thank you ⁦@rwesthead⁩

— Christine Simpson (@SNChrisSimpson) October 27, 2021

Kyle Beach is a brave human. So much respect for him.

— Dan Riccio (@danriccio_) October 27, 2021

Kyle Beach’s courage to come forward and speak is undeniably brave.

All love and support to Kyle and his family.

— Tim and Friends (@timandfriends) October 27, 2021

Beach described the feelings of isolation and invisibility that followed the lack of action after news of the alleged assault made its way up to the Blackhawks' chain of command.

"I was scared, mostly. I was fearful. I had my career threatened. I felt alone and dark," Beach said. "Sorry, it’s tough to recall these moments. I felt like I was alone and there was nothing I could do and nobody I could turn to for help."

Eleven years later, Beach has found his voice — and the impacts of his courage have been felt all around the hockey world and beyond.

Your courage is contagious 🙏

— Marie-Philip Poulin (@pou29) October 27, 2021

So much respect and admiration for Kyle Beach. No one should ever feel alone. Prayers to him🙏

— Alyssa Bergamini (@AlyssaBergamini) October 27, 2021

Love and respect to Kyle Beach. Very courageous of him to speak today.

— Randip Janda (@RandipJanda) October 27, 2021

We occasionally get lost in the hockey and the palace intrigue of this story. But when you hear Kyle Beach apologizing to the victim in Houghton, when you read this about how it felt to watch Aldrich celebrate like nothing happened — the human side is why it's so unforgivable.

— Mark Lazerus (@MarkLazerus) October 27, 2021

“the nhl is inclusive but they let me down and they let others down… they prioritized the name over someone’s health” – Kyle Beach on what he has to say to Gary Bettman

— spooky sparky🕸 (@rizvistan) October 27, 2021

Feeling for Kyle Beach. Proud of Kyle Beach. (Also, exemplary work by @rwesthead through all of this).

— Eric Stephens (@icemancometh) October 27, 2021

Every piece of my heart goes out to Kyle Beach.

— Matt Porter (@mattyports) October 27, 2021

I've talked to Kyle since our interviewed was broadcast and he's in a good place.
He's on Twitter and for those who want to give him a follow and send him some love: @kbeachy12

— Rick Westhead (@rwesthead) October 27, 2021

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