Holidaymakers will need THREE Covid jabs to travel abroad next year

Holidaymakers ‘will need THREE Covid jabs if they want to travel abroad next year’ but boosters won’t be available to under-50s until ‘well after Christmas’

  • Britons who want to travel abroad next summer may need three Covid vaccines
  • Yet boosters won’t be available until ‘well after Christmas’ for people under 50
  • Just 3.7 million people have taken the third vaccine out of a possible 7.9 million

Brits could need three Covid vaccinations to go on holiday next summer but under-50s are unlikely to receive a booster until ‘well after Christmas’.

Care minister Gillian Keegan, 53, said the vaccine passport system will evolve, which could mean having three jabs to be able to jet off.

Yet an anonymous source on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) said boosters for people under the age of 50 would most probably be given ‘well after Christmas’.

The JCVI member said the committee would probably not extend the booster roll-out to other groups of people until more tangible progress was made with people eligible for the third vaccine at the moment.

Brits could need three Covid vaccinations to go on holiday next summer but over-50s are unlikely to receive a booster until ‘well after Christmas’

‘We haven’t discussed it yet and I think it would probably be well after Christmas,’ they told the i.

‘When you think about how long ago most of these people had [their second jab], they’re still within the six-month range. And bearing in mind a lot of people will have had Covid – they’re essentially tripled covered.’ 

They added: ‘There’s a very tired workforce who are, to be honest, much more concerned about their own patients getting their cancer check-ups and checking up on chest problems as well as they can be, going into winter.’

They said the Government’s mixed messaging was ‘very bad’ and a ‘ do as we say not do as we do’ attitude.

Meanwhile, care minister Keegan said: ‘The advice at the moment is the double-jabbed vaccination. But of course, that will evolve as the third dose comes in.

‘It would be unreasonable to say now, when we’ve only just started the programme.

Care Minister Gillian Keegan said ‘everybody knows that you can get Covid from anybody’

Her comments were in response to Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg suggesting Tory MPs did not need to wear masks in the chamber because they ‘know each other’ 

‘We’re trying to get this balance. It’s two doses for now.

‘But as the vaccine passport concept will evolve there will be ‘if you’ve had your booster’ because it’s probably not going to be good for next summer.’

Her comments came days after she rebuked Jacob Rees-Mogg for arguing that Tory MPs do not need to wear coverings in the House of Commons because they ‘know each other’.

The third vaccine saw a low uptake with just 3.7 million people taking it out of a possible 7.9 million.

The Government denied there were any plans to alter vaccine passports to mean people would need three jabs to go on holiday abroad but millions could be affected if a U-turn occurred.

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