Horrifying model with hunchback and bloodshot eyes reveals what you could look like if you keep working from home

WORKING remotely has many benefits – such as avoiding commuting, longer lie-ins and no awkward office chats.

But there are a number of downsides from a lack of social interaction, to hunched shoulders over a smaller screen and digital eye strain.

Job experts DirectlyApply have shown how remote workers could look in the next 25 years if we fall into bad habits.

A team of clinical psychologists and fitness experts created a horrifying model called "Susan", which highlighted the problems working from home can have on our physical and mental health.


Long periods of being stuck indoors, grazing and a lack of exercise increases the chance of putting on weight.

Boris Johnson has vowed to tackle the UK's obesity crisis – as he believes his weight was the reason coronavirus had such a dramatic effect on him.

The Prime Minister spent three days in intensive care after he was struck down with the virus in April.

Various conditions linked to obesity, including diabetes and heart disease, are known to make patients more vulnerable to the virus.

Tech Neck

Spending all day hunched over a laptop, rather than an office computer, can lead to "tech neck".

This results in excessive strain on the neck, a rounder shoulder and often counter strain in different parts of the body such as increased lower back pain and shortened hamstrings.

Computer vision syndrome

Staring at screens all day can cause computer vision syndrome, otherwise known as digital eye strain.

This results in dry, inflamed and bloodshot eyes, as well as eye irritation, redness and blurred vision.

Over time, it can negatively impact our eyesight.

Poor posture

A lack of physical exercise and too much time spent with poor posture in front of a screen can result in a hyper-extended neck, rounded shoulders and a hunchback that develops over time.

Repetitive Typing Strain

Bashing away on a keyboard over long periods of time can lead to repetitive typing strain in your hands and wrists that can significantly worsen and result in poor posture in other parts of the body.

Hair loss

Vitamin D is mostly absorbed from sun exposure, so working indoors all day can leave the body deficient which can cause hair loss and new hair growth can be significantly stunted.

Dark circles

Staring at multiple screens while working all day can cause dark circles to form in the skin under your eyes, leaving you looking tired and haggard after prolonged periods.

Increased wrinkles

Squinting at a screen all day can increase the onset of premature lines forming beneath the surface of the skin, leading to wrinkles.

Pale and dull skin

Working inside and lack of sunlight can result in pale, dull and malnourished looking skin.

Increased stress

Working from home often means less human contact than in the office that can lead to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which raises blood pressure and has harmful effects on physical health.

Overworking leads to chronic stress producing high levels of adrenaline and cortisol, associated with chronic health conditions and cardiovascular disease.

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