Horrifying moment stand collapses injuring over 100 people in India

Horrifying moment an entire sports stadium stand collapses injuring more than 100 people during a Kabaddi game in India

  • At least 20 were seriously injured when wooden stand collapsed on Monday
  • Another two people were in critical condition and rushed to Hyderabad 
  • Stand collapsed ahead of opening match of the national youth tournament
  • Kabaddi is an ancient ballgame played throughout the subcontinent

A wooden stand has collapsed injuring more than 100 people at a Kabaddi tournament in India.

At least 20 spectators were seriously wounded and rushed to the local hospital in Suryapet on Monday evening.

Horrifying footage shows the moment the stand, where around 400 spectators were seated, came down ahead of the opening match of the 47th national junior championship. 

At least 20 spectators were seriously wounded and rushed to the local hospital in Suryapet on Monday evening (pictured: the stand moments before it collapsed)

An injured spectator is carried on a stretcher after a wooden stand collapsed in Suryapet, Telangana state in India on Monday

Injured people are treated after the wooden stadium collapsed at the national youth tournament on Monday evening

Two people were said to be in a critical condition and were rushed to Hyderabad, the state capital, for intensive care. 

The junior tournament involves more than 1,500 players from 29 states and includes girls and boys teams. 

Kabaddi is a contact team sport where players are tagged or tackled out, before being subbed back in if their team scores a point. 

It is popular throughout the subcontinent and first records of the game date back to ancient India. 

The god Krishna is said to have played the game and there are also accounts of Gautama Buddha playing Kabaddi.

It is the national sport of Bangladesh.

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