Hospital patient shares pic of 'depressed' NHS Sunday dinner but not everyone is so sympathetic

AN NHS patient mocked his 'depressed' hospital Sunday roast and joked he'd rather have a kebab – but not everyone agreed.

The Reddit user shared a photo of his dinner as he recovered from a colon operation in a hospital bed in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

BigNibba-420-69 quipped his plate of roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots and a Yorkshire pudding needed a 'depression counsellor'.

The roast was served to the 31-year-old with a small tub of Philadelphia cream cheese.

Some fellow posters shared the joke, but others stuck up for the NHS.

BigNibba-420-69 posted: “Been here a week so far, please send help, or a kebab.

“My NHS Sunday dinner looks like it needs a depression counsellor.”

The roast was given the thumbs down by some fellow Reddit users.

Jucallah wrote: “I've seen xxxx thicker than that gravy.”


AceIsStupid wrote: “That’s just upsetting to look at. Makes me enjoy my roasts even more tbh.”

The1983 said: “Hospital food is the xxxxxxx worst!! Get anyone you can to bring you some supplies so you dont have to eat that xxxx."

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