How Tory transgender MP has been dogged by controversies

He’s got a PHD in astrobiology… and links to ‘sugar daddy’ website: How Tory transgender MP has been dogged by controversies

  • Conservative MP for Bridgend, Jamie Wallis, came out as transgender yesterday
  • In 2020 he faced a turbulent period over his links to a ‘sugar daddy’ website
  • The website offer people the chance to be ‘sponsored’ by wealthy individuals

With his election in December 2019, Jamie Wallis became Bridgend’s first Tory MP in more than three decades.

The honeymoon period did not last long. A month later, the Conservative Party faced calls to kick him out over alleged links to a ‘sugar daddy’ website. offered to match users with wealthy individuals, promising: ‘We can introduce you to your very own sugar daddy and solve your money worries. Whether you’re a boy, girl, straight or gay, there’s a sugar daddy for you.’

Conservative MP Jamie Wallis (pictured) became the first MP to openly declare they were transgender yesterday, though his time as an MP has been challenging

Clients were asked: ‘Are you a student, a single parent or just short of money? 1000s of wealthy executives, international businessmen and diplomats are eager to sponsor you through these difficult times. Typical sponsorship can be £2,000-£25,000 per year.’

The website was owned and operated by a firm whose sole shareholder was a company with Mr Wallis as director. He reportedly also worked in the same office from which was run. The website was branded ‘exploitative and demeaning’ in the House of Commons by Labour MP Tonia Antoniazzi.

Her colleague Jess Phillips called on the Prime Minister to withdraw the whip from Mr Wallis.

The furore erupted days after reports that a group of companies linked to Mr Wallis were subject to more than 800 complaints to trading standards between January 2008 and February 2017. Mr Wallis disputed the figures.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (pictured with Jamie Wallis) praised the bravery of the South Wales Tory after he came out as transgender 

The rows were just the latest controversies in the MP’s political career, which began on local councils in south Wales. Mr Wallis was elected to Pencoed town council in 2017, only to be kicked out in August the following year after failing to attend a single meeting for six months.

Mr Wallis claimed he had resigned by post before he was removed.

Born in Bettws, a former mining village in Bridgend, Mr Wallis attended a Catholic school before going on to read chemistry at Christ Church, Oxford.

He was awarded a doctorate in astrobiology by Cardiff University in 2014, having written a paper on evidence of panspermia – the theory that life exists throughout the universe and is distributed by objects such as asteroids and comets.

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