Huge outpouring of support for Phillip Schofield after coming out gay

‘Courageous and powerful, will help so many’: Huge outpouring of support for Phillip Schofield after he discusses coming out as gay during emotional interview with Holly Willoughby on This Morning

TV presenter Phillip Schofield was widely praised by social media users today as ‘courageous’, ‘strong’ and ‘brave’ after coming out as gay.

Thousands of people backed the This Morning host, who has been married to his wife Steph for nearly 27 years, after he made the announcement on Instagram.

He spoke about the news on today’s show with his co-host Holly Willoughby, with viewers saying it ‘must have been such a hard thing to do on national television’.

Others praised the 57-year-old for having ‘the inner strength to announce he’s gay at this stage in his life’ and for ‘genuinely one of the most bravest things’.

One viewer said they ‘cannot put into words how strong and brave you are’ and a second tweeted: ‘Never be ashamed of who you are, you’re amazing’.

Others said ‘kudos to Phillip Scofield for being so courageous’ and it was ‘powerful for Phillip Scofield and Steph to show such courage and love for one another’.

One added: ‘Not completely shocked to hear about Phillip Scofield announcing he is gay. Hats off to him though. This will help so many people accept who they are.’

Phillip Schofield talks about coming out as gay on ITV programme This Morning today

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TV presenter Phillip Schofield talks with Holly Willoughby on ITV show This Morning today

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