Husband left in vegetative state after being crushed by bike in Dublin

Husband left in vegetative state after being crushed by motorbike in Dublin

Husband is left in vegetative state and loses an eye after he was run over by a dirt-bike as he sunbathed in a park next to his wife in Dublin

  • Ilabek Avetian, 39, was lying with his head in his wife Anzhela Kotsinian’s lap
  • Motorbike ran over them, breaking Kotsinian’s pelvis and crushing Avetian’s face
  • He has lost his left eye and been in a vegetative state in hospital since the crash
  • Pair had come to Dublin just a month before in the hope of making a new life

A husband lost his left eye and was left in a vegetative state after being run over with a motorbike while sunbathing with his wife in Ireland.

Ilabek Avetian, 39, was laying with his head in his wife Anzhela Kotsinian’s lap in Darndale Park, North Dublin, when the pair were hit by a scrambler bike on June 9.

The bike crested a hill before landing on the pair, fracturing Mrs Kotsinian’s hip and crushing Mr Avetian’s face.

Ilabek Avetian, 39, a roofer from Lithuania, was left in a vegetative state and lost his left eye after a dirt-bike crushed his face as he sunbathed with his wife in a Dublin park

Mr Avetian (left, before the accident) was laying with his head in wife Anzhela Kotsinian’s lap when the bike crested a nearby hill and landed on them

He suffered multiple facial fractures, including to his nose and jaw bone, a brain haemorrhage and a severe brain injury.

Mr Avetin also lost his left eye and has been in a vegetative state in Beaumont Hospital ever since, the Irish Mirror reports.

Mrs Kotsinian, 43, said the pair had come to Ireland a month before the crash from their native Lithuania in the hopes of making a new life for themselves.

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They were discussing buying a house and their plans to have a child when the bike landed on top of them. 

Mrs Kotsinian said they had been in the park for around 10 minutes enjoying the sunshine before she heard the bike and felt the impact.

She quickly realised her hip had been injured before her thoughts turned to her husband, who was laying silent on the ground.

Mrs Kotsinian’s hip was fractured by the impact, while Mr Avetian suffered multiple facial fractures, a severe brain injury and haemorrhage, and lost his left eye

Mrs Kotsinian said she could not stop screaming after seeing her husband’s injuries for the first time and has been unable to eat or sleep properly since then

She began screaming for help, attracting the attention of local builders who called an ambulance which took the pair to hospital.

Mrs Kotsinian was treated separately from her husband and put into a wheelchair, before pushing herself over to his ward.

When she first saw her husband, she said she began screaming and has been unable to sleep or eat properly since. 

And despite the accident happening three months ago, police have not arrested anyone since there are no laws restricting the use of scrambler bikes in parks.

Mrs Kotsinian said: ‘My world has fallen apart. No one is answering for this; how can this happen?  

‘I’ve lost my husband and I’m losing more and more of him with each day. I have two visiting times a day and before I arrive at the hospital, my heart beats quickly.

‘When I came to see him one day his door was closed and I was so worried. I try to help the doctors and nurses to clean him. I can’t sleep, eat, or live, I’m like a zombie.’

She is now surviving on her own in Dublin using money sent from her relatives abroad, but worries that she will not be able to stay in the city much longer. 

Her family has set up a GoFundMe page to help her stay in Dublin, while she is calling for a change in the law to make using scrambler bikes in parks illegal.

A Justice Department spokesman said: ‘The Department is currently reviewing appropriate criminal justice legislation to ensure gardai have the necessary powers at their disposal to deal with the misuse of scramblers and quad bikes.’ 

Police with bike seized following the accident. Such bikes are not banned from Irish parks and nobody has been arrested over the crash

Darndale Park, in North Dublin, where the pair were sunbathing when the accident happened

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