I was raped TWICE in chip shop after colleague drugged me – I reported him but fiend struck again before he was jailed

A WOMAN has revealed how she was raped by a colleague during their shift at a fish and chip shop.

Rebecca Dobson, 19, was working behind the till while Jack Ryan, 24, fried food during a late shift in October 2018.

Hours later, Ryan, of Liversedge, West Yorks, plied Rebecca with alcohol and she soon struggled to stay conscious.

Twisted Ryan then carried Rebecca into the staff toilet and raped her twice while customers were waiting to be served.

She reported the beast, but while he was out on bail, Ryan attacked another teenage girl.

He was finally jailed for 14 years for both attacks in October 2021.


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Now Rebecca has bravely waived her right to anonymity in a bid to encourage other victims like her to report their attackers.

Rebecca, who now works as a bartender, tells The Sun: “I've always known about the dangers of walking home at night or going to strangers’ parties.

“Never did I think something like this could happen to me in a workplace. I was meant to be safe.

“Jack is a danger to society and needs to be behind bars for life.”

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In June 2018, Rebecca, then 17, was doing a forensic science course at college during the day and began doing evening shifts at her local chippy.

She says: “As I needed some extra cash, my new job came in handy.

“I took customers’ orders, boxed up their food and sorted out their change. It was my first job and I really enjoyed it.”

Three months later, in September 2018, Rebecca’s manager introduced her to their new fish fryer, Ryan.

Rebecca says: “Jack was tall, skinny and had ginger hair. He also looked a few years older than me.

“I told him it was nice to meet him and he smiled at me shyly. He seemed nice.”

Boozy shift

The pair worked their first shift together a month later.

Rebecca recalls: “For the first few hours Jack fried fish, sausages and chips while I served customers.

“I told him I was 17 and he said he was 22. We chatted about our favourite TV shows and music, he was good company.

“After a while Ryan told me the staff always drank alcohol together at the end of their shifts.

“I’d never drank before. I was really excited and keen to make a new friend.”

Shortly afterwards Ryan left the shop to buy booze and returned with a bottle of pink gin.

As they wiped the counters down and prepared to close, Ryan kept topping up Rebecca’s drink.

Before long Rebecca found herself feeling more and more drunk – but Jack didn’t seem affected at all.

She says: “Soon the room was spinning and I could barely stand.

“As I was in and out of consciousness, I heard Jack say he needed the toilet.

“I felt him carry me into his arms. When I opened my eyes, I was on the bathroom floor.

“Jack was unzipping his trousers and climbing on top of me. Then everything went black again.”

Raped while customers waiting

When Rebecca came around again, Ryan was still raping her while customers rang the counter bell.

Ryan leapt off Rebecca to serve them, before returning and raping her another time.

Rebecca says: “The next thing I remember was Jack shutting the shop and calling me a taxi.

“Feeling a little better, I managed to stumble into a car. When I got home, I passed out in bed.”

The next morning Rebecca struggled to remember what had happened. Later that day Ryan texted her asking how she was feeling.

Rebecca says: “I told him I felt rough. He replied ‘You should have a shower, it’ll make you feel better.’

“My heart sank. I suddenly had flashbacks of him on top of me in the toilet.

“I was horrified as I’d barely been conscious. I knew I hadn’t consented.

“I realised Jack knew it too because his text showed he wanted me to wash away the evidence.”

Rebecca reported Ryan to the police that day, and officers retrieved security footage from the fish and chip shop the following morning.

Rebecca says: “In the footage, I could be seen stumbling and tripping over.

“Jack was also seen coming out of the bathroom twice, zipping his trousers up each time.

“He looked smug throughout. I broke down in tears. I felt so humiliated.”

Ryan was arrested but released on bail.

Rebecca says: “As I waited for Jack to be convicted, I became anxious and depressed.

“Just as I was beginning to get back on my feet a year later, I got a call from the police.

“Jack had raped another underage girl in a different area. I was hysterical.”

In October 2021, Jack Ryan was found guilty of two counts of rape against Rebecca.

He was also found guilty of one count of rape and one count of sexual assault against the other victim. He was jailed for 14 years at Leeds Crown Court.

Detective Constable Carole Haste, of Kirklees District Child Safeguarding Unit,  said of his sentencing: “It is clear that Jack Ryan is a dangerous man who has repeatedly forced himself upon vulnerable teenage girls. 

“I welcome the custodial sentence he has been given and I hope it provides some sense of security and closure for these victims.” 

Rebecca says: “It was the biggest relief.

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“Since then, I’ve quit my job at the shop and I’m trying to move forward with my life.

“If you’re in a similar position to me where you’re unsure if you consented, please reach out to someone and get justice too.”

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